Play 5-a-Side has been operating in the UK for almost 15 years, giving the opportunity for both men and women to enjoy fun, friendly and inclusive social football leagues, fitting around their home and work-life!

In 2023, we had a complete brand re-fresh, we changed our branding, our website and even changed our name from ‘Football Invasion’ to ‘Play 5-A-Side’, to compliment our other popular social sports leagues, Play Netball and Play Hockey.

Football leagues for women!

We believe that football is for everybody. Following the Lionesses 2021 success in Europe and their amazing World Cup 2023 campaign, sport for women has been taken to new heights with funding and TV coverage resulting in record numbers of women now playing social and competitive sport, signing up to social leagues and enjoying new opportunities! Our women’s only 5-a-side football leagues have been so in demand that we are continually looking for and opening new locations, bringing more football leagues closer to everybody!

Join a 5-A-Side league

We welcome teams, groups, and individuals to join our football leagues! Our leagues are ideal for those who haven’t played in a long time and want to get back into football, experienced players who just love the social aspect of football, and even those who have never played before and are completely new to football! Don’t feel put off by not having a team to sign up with as over 80% of players who sign up to our leagues sign up as an individual!

Find your nearest football league

If you are looking for a social football league near you, you can check for your nearest 5-a-side league in the search bar at the top of the page. If you’re keen to play in a football league and we haven’t set up a league near you, then please send us an enquiry and let us know where you’re based and that you’re interested to play 5-a-side in your area!

Why Play 5-A-Side

Play 5-a-Side is dedicated to you! We take care of everything for you, so you can just turn up and play the sport you love without having to worry about any of the organising, remembering the kit, finding locations or referees! Whether you play for fun, for fitness, or to win, our multiple divisions allow you to play against teams of similar ability, so everybody can feel confident and enjoy their evenings playing football. Play 5-a-side takes care of everything from organising and updating your fixtures and league tables to securing your referees and league coordinators – all you need to do is come and play football!

Sign up to Play 5-A-Side today by either searching for your nearest league or emailing us at 

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