What Position Are You?


Has it been a while since you’ve played and need a refresh on your football positions? We’ve listed below each position and what their key role is on the pitch for you to make your decision!

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Goal Keeper:

​Goalkeepers require excellent reflexes, agility, and shot-stopping abilities. They should have good communication skills to organise the defense and distribute the ball effectively. The role of a goalkeeper is to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals. They are the last line of defense and are responsible for stopping shots on goal, making saves, and controlling their penalty area.

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Defenders need strong tackling skills, good positioning, and the ability to read the game. Physical attributes like strength and speed are also essential. Communication with teammates is crucial for a coordinated defense. Defenders are responsible for protecting their own goal. They mark opposing attackers, intercept passes, and make tackles to regain possession of the ball. They also contribute to building attacks by initiating plays from the back.

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Midfielders require a well-rounded skill set. This includes passing accuracy, vision, ball control, stamina, and tactical intelligence. They should be versatile and capable of both defending and attacking. Midfielders are the engine of the team, controlling the flow of the game. They distribute passes to teammates, maintain possession, and can switch the play from defense to attack. Central midfielders often play a key role in linking the defense with the attack.

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Attackers need goal-scoring ability, speed, dribbling skills, and the instinct to read the game and find scoring opportunities. They should also be comfortable under pressure and be clinical finishers. They make runs to get into scoring positions, take shots on goal, and create goal-scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates. They often work in tandem with midfielders to penetrate the opponent’s defense.

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I thoroughly enjoy playing Football in this league. Great social league for getting back into Football, having a laugh and improving your fitness levels! My team always leave smiling every Thursday! Umpires are all very friendly and welcoming!