About Play 5-a-Side Leagues

why choose us?

At Play 5-A-Side we want everyone to have fun.

We strive in providing high quality and hassle free leagues for anyone who wishes to revisit or begin their football journey. Our weekly social leagues are held all over the UK to fit in around your work hours. There are heaps of reasons why you should sign up to our leagues but instead we’ve narrowed it down to five great points about why Play 5-A-Side is for you.

Image of two teams playing Football

We’re hassle free

You don’t need to worry about finding referees, or spare players. We’ll handle all the tedious stuff; all you need to do is rock up and play.


You don’t need to already be in a team

We warmly welcome individuals, over 80% of our players start out single. We will place you into a team which best suits you and in return you’ll be meeting new people and forming new friendships.


You don’t need to be a pro at football

The best thing about our leagues is you don’t need to have loads of experience, we welcome players from all abilities and ages. As long as you love playing football, that is all that matters.


More than just playing football

At Play 5-A-Side we offer more than just match play. We run numerous competitions and awards throughout the year with various prizes up for grabs!


We go the extra mile!

As a football nation, we are fortunate to have dozens of football leagues to choose from, what makes us stand out is our dedication to you. We make sure your matches are played every week, have consistent referees, and most importantly, we listen. Our dedicated team are here to help you with any questions or concerns whilst playing in our leagues.

How Our Leagues Work

You’ve signed up to one of our leagues but don’t know what happens next. We’ve listed a rundown of what to expect when playing in our leagues.

  • Seasons will run between 8-14 weeks depending on the number of teams in your league. Once a season finishes, the season starts the following week. Your team will automatically be entered into the next season unless you inform us of your team’s departure.
  • All our matches are 36 minutes long. Matches are split into 2×18 minute halves, with teams being given a minute break between each quarter.
  • Matches will always take place on the same night at the same venue. There may be times where the regular venue is temporarily unavailable and we have to relocate but we will notify all teams in advance.
  • All our leagues have a league coordinator who attends matches every week. They are your point of contact on the night, so if any problems occur, please speak to the coordinator as it is their duty to make sure you have a fun night of Football.
  • Most of our leagues have multiple divisions so you have the advantage of playing with other teams of similar ability. Our multiple divisions also give teams the opportunity to move up and down each season.
  • We understand not everyone can make matches each week, so teams are able to help out other teams when needed. This is to help prevent team forfeits and keep everyone playing as much Football as possible. If your team needs subs one week, just leave a message on your league Facebook group to see who is available to help you out.
  • Season fees for our leagues are to be paid up front before the season starts and is done via our online payment system. Teams have the option of splitting their season fee amongst each other so payment is not left to one individual.

    Benefits To Playing Football

    Playing sports in general is good for your physical health and wellbeing, we’ve listed some of the reasons why football in particular is good for your heart and soul.

    • Burns lots of calories! Also lowers body fat and increases muscle mass.
    • Trains your brain, improving concentration and coordination.
    • Boosts self-esteem and relieve stress and anxiety.
    • Those who play sports like football have a more positive outlook on body image compared to those who do not take up a sport.
    • Get to spend time with new people and build friendships.


    I love playing football, I had been looking for a friendly social league for a long time and this was it. It’s a great way to get out of the house, keep fit and make friends. I had not played football since leaving school (18 years to be exact)! But it didn’t take long for me to remember. This is my ‘me time’, as most mums will know ‘me time’ is hard to come by, but for me this is time well spent.

    Rhian Jacob-Moffatt